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Teachers are the most important component of educational quality, and as Hargreaves and Fullan stated in ‘Professional Capital’ (2012):

…good learning comes from good teaching…So, let's concentrate our efforts not on bigger budgets, smaller classes, changing the curriculum, or altering the size of schools – but on procuring and producing the best teachers we can get. (p.13)


Having trained, mentored, and coached over 15, 000 teaching/training professionals across most educational and vocational sectors, many countries, and cultural contexts, I am able to provide expert support for teaching professionals who need or seek to become more competent/expert in specific areas of professional practice.


​Expert teaching now requires a high level of Pedagogic Literacy, Creative Teaching Competence, and Metacognitive Capability; and these extend beyond the typical functional competencies documented in mainstream teacher education programs. Teachers must possess both a deeper and wider range of validated knowledge bases and skills to successfully deal with present and emerging challenges.

This service can be customised to meet both individual and group needs, as well as different professional learning contexts.

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