Teachers are the most important component of educational quality, and as Hargreaves and Fullan stated in ‘Professional Capital’, 2012):

…good learning comes from good teaching…So, let's concentrate our efforts not on bigger budgets, smaller classes, changing the curriculum, or altering the size of schools – but on procuring and producing the best teachers we can get. (p.13)


Over the past 2-3 decades, I have designed, developed, and taught most teacher education programmes from novices to master-teacher level; extensively in the UK and Singapore, as well as most Asian countries. This has involved the coaching of over 15, 000 teaching/training professionals across most educational and vocational sectors, many countries, and cultural contexts. I have also been able to extensively validate my pedagogic frameworks through many years of funded applied research.

Expert teaching now requires a high level of Pedagogic Literacy, Creative Teaching Competence, and Metacognitive Capability, and these extend beyond the typical functional competencies documented in mainstream teacher education programs. Teachers must possess both a deeper and wider range of validated knowledge bases and skills to successfully deal with present and emerging challenges.

I can help in providing that knowledge, what competencies are necessary, and how to develop the requisite skills - to become expert teachers – as best as we can define this role now.

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