My Approach to Professional Development

I employ an Evidence-Based Teaching approach, which is fully documented in my recent book, Creative Teachers: Self-directed Learners (Springer, 2020). This has evolved from over a decade of extensive research and application in designing and facilitating instruction, based upon the most current and validated knowledge on how humans learn and what teaching methods work best. I have validated its effectiveness across most educational and vocational sectors, many subject areas, in several countries, and with over 15,000 teaching/training professionals in a range of cultural contexts.

In the present context, and perhaps for future years, the traditional professional development approach of face-to-face on-site workshops is likely to become increasingly redundant. This is not just a product of the Coronavirus pandemic, but for wider issues of cost-effectiveness. 

To meet the needs of teaching/training professionals in this rapidly changing educational landscape I am providing Webinars and self-contained fully online workshops with personalized coaching for key areas of curriculum development and pedagogic practices. The most popular are:

  • Building Metacognitive Capability for Self-directed Learning

  • Evidence-Based Creative Teaching

  • Evidence-Based Reflective Practice and Action Research

  • Designing and Facilitation Online Learning

  • Coaching Teaching Professionals

All professional development programs are tailored to meet the specific needs/interests of client groups and do not require a learning management system.


Prepared Webinars, Online Workshops and Coaching/Mentoring Sessions


A series of Webinars to help you focus on key components necessary for successful online learning

Coaching & Mentorship

Individualized coaching for professionals to enhance personal and professional effectiveness



For Individual/Groups


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