My Approach to Professional Development

An Evidence-Based Creative Teaching (EBCT)

I employ an EBCT approach, which is fully documented in my recent book, Creative Teachers: Self-directed Learners (Springer, 2020) as well as introduced in my previous book, Creative Teaching: An Evidence-Based Approach (Springer, 2015). 

EBCT has its roots in a synthesis of current research from the behavioural, cognitive and neurosciences, the pioneering research on the effectiveness of different instructional methods and strategies by John Hattie (2008, 2012), and the application of this work by Geoff Petty (2006; 2018), who established Evidence-Based Teaching in the global educational literature.

I evolved and developed EBCT from over a decade of extensive research and application in designing and facilitating instruction, validated its effectiveness across most educational and vocational sectors, in several countries, and with over 15,000 teaching/training professionals in a range of cultural contexts.


The Inevitability of Blended and Fully Online Learning

In the present context, and perhaps for future years, the traditional professional development approach of face-to-face on-site workshops is likely to become increasingly redundant. This is not just a product of the Coronavirus pandemic, but for wider issues of cost-effectiveness. 

To meet the needs of teaching/training professionals in this rapidly changing educational landscape, I am providing a fully online EBCT approach to key areas of professional development in teaching/training. This approach includes, pre-recorded and live webinars, self-contained interactive online workshops, and synchronous tutorials using Zoom. The learning mediums are customised to context and can be further enhanced through personalized coaching when required/needed. 

Prepared Webinars, Online Workshops and Coaching/Mentoring Sessions


A series of Webinars to help you focus on key components necessary for successful online learning

Coaching & Mentorship

Individualized coaching for professionals to enhance personal and professional effectiveness



For Individual/Groups

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