Webinars and Workshops

The webinars and online workshops provide practical validated research-based practices on how teachers/trainers can design and facilitate learning experiences that offer optimum opportunities for student learning in terms of attainment and engagement.


A good webinar is a cost-effective method to help teaching/training professionals get started on a pedagogic innovation with a strong evidence-based set of heuristics on how to achieve their learning goals. However, as webinars are largely one-way modes of transmission, the application of practices needs to be managed by the participants themselves post each session, which may (or may not) occur without ongoing collaborative support and expert feedback.

Online Workshops

To enhance the webinar learning format, I use online interactive workshops on the SoftChalk e-learning platform. These enable more depth, variation and differentiation, engagement, and communication and collaboration in the learning process. 

To access these workshops participants do not require a learning management system or involve downloading complex applications - just a click on a link for that program. Participants then have the complete online tutorial and can work collaboratively with colleagues and my team until they meet the designated competency and skills required. This is achieved through specific performance-based assignments (not activities for activity sake), with ongoing deliberate practice and expert feedback.

Finally, the learning process is further enhanced and mediated through synchronous Zoom tutorials. These facilitate a more engaging and situated learning experience, address key questions and challenges, as well as create some fun in the learning experience.


These are my key programs for building a high level of teacher/trainer expertise, which apply across most mainstream educational and vocational contexts:

  • Evidence-Based Creative Teaching

  • Evidence-Based Reflective Practice and Action Research

  • Building Metacognitive Capability for Self-directed Learning

  • Designing and Facilitation Online Learning

  • Coaching Teaching/Training Professionals


All professional development programs are tailored to meet the specific needs/interests of client groups and, as noted above, do not require a learning management system.

E-Brochures Available for Download

Creative Teaching Competence

Designing & Facilitating Online Learning

Building Metacognitive Capability

Metacognitive Capability

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