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The webinars and online interactive workshops enable variation, differentiation, engagement, and collaboration in the learning process. 

Access does not require a learning management system or involve downloading complex applications - just a click on a link for that program. Participants can work at their own pace, individually/collaboratively, and with the program tutors until they meet the designated competency and skills required. This is achieved through specific performance-based assignments with ongoing deliberate practice and expert feedback.

Key Programs

These programs are designed to meet the needs of expert teaching today and in the foreseeable future – as best as we can frame that competency set.


You can download the e-brochures below, and contact me for more information on how these are best customised to your professional needs and context.

Other pedagogic programs can also be provided and tailored to meet the specific needs/interests of client groups. If interested, contact me for more information or an informal chat.

E-Brochures Available for Download

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching

Building Metacognitive Capability

Mastering the Learning Process

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