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My Webinars are designed to provide concise validated research-based practices on how teachers/trainers can design and facilitate learning experiences that offer optimum opportunities for student learning in terms of attainment and engagement for key areas of competence. 

As Webinars are largely one-way modes of transmission, the application of practices needs to be managed by the participants themselves post each session, which lacks the affordance of hands-on practice with expert feedback, that is offered in face-to-face workshop contexts. 

However, a good webinar is a cost-effective method to help teaching/training professionals get started on a pedagogic innovation with a strong evidence-based set of heuristics on how to achieve their learning goals. Since we now have free easy use of synchronous and asynchronous EdTech tools, effective and efficient communication, collaboration, assessment, and feedback can now be done online. 

Furthermore, all relevant subject content materials can now be made readily available and accessible anywhere and anytime through fully online workshops. While this is often done through a learning management system (LMS), which has benefits but is often expensive and not user-friendly, my online support workshops are designed and facilitated through my Soft Chalk Cloud platform. This means that the online workshops require no LMS, downloading of applications, just a click on a link for that program. You then have the complete online tutorial and work collaboratively with colleagues and my team, on meeting the competency and skills required, through work-related deliberate practice with ongoing expert and peer feedback. For keen professionals, this can be done in the form of action research projects, incorporating Evidence-Based Reflective Practice (Sale, 2020)

Hence, through an evidence-based creative teaching approach, utilizing the specific affordances of technology platforms and e-tools to enhance aspects of the learning process, I can provide specialized professional development for teaching/training faculty fully online, anywhere, and customized to context, in cost-effective ways.

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