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Committed to Enhancing Teacher Expertise Globally


Shaping the Future of Learning and Teaching in the AI era:

A Creative Evidence-based Approach


For the past 25 years, I worked in the Singapore education system as:

  • Senior Education Advisor at Singapore Polytechnic

  • Chief Research Investigator for the Ministry of Education

  • Invited External Assessor for Singapore’s School Excellence Model.

In that time, I provided over 100 consultancies in the Asian region, coached over 15,000 teaching/training professionals and invented curriculum and pedagogic frameworks that contributed to the success of Singapore’s education system. These included:

  • A whole curriculum approach to teaching thinking 

  • An Evidence-Based Creative Teaching approach for professional development

  • A framework for developing Metacognitive Capability and Self-directed Learning.


Previously, I taught in all sectors of the British education system. 


These books document major pedagogic innovations that I invented, implemented, and validated over two decades of applied research and professional development work with over 15,000 teaching/training professionals across most educational and vocational sectors, many countries and cultural contexts. 

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